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  • Welcome to configjsr-discuss, portal on behalf of emo
  • [ConfigJSR-discuss] Config use cases, Emily Jiang
  • [ConfigJSR-discuss] Feedback on 1.0-EDR1, 2019-04-08, Philip Helger
  • [ConfigJSR-discuss] [DISCUSS] content of an EDR, Mark Struberg
  • [ConfigJSR-discuss] Update the JCP process version from 2.10 to 2.11, Mark Struberg
  • [ConfigJSR-discuss] quo vadis ConfigJSR, Mark Struberg
  • [ConfigJSR-discuss] tree strucured config, Mark Struberg
  • [ConfigJSR-discuss] 2018-04-26 ConfigJSR EG meeting notes, Mark Struberg
  • [ConfigJSR-discuss] replace characters in a property name of Environment variable, Emily Jiang
  • [ConfigJSR-discuss] 2018-03-15 ConfigJSR EG meeting notes, Mark Struberg
  • [ConfigJSR-discuss] JSR-377 as consumer, Andres Almiray
  • [ConfigJSR-discuss] test, Mark Struberg
  • [ConfigJSR-discuss] Test email, John D. Ament
  • [ConfigJSR-discuss] Tamaya implements the JSR's API, Anatole Tresch
  • [ConfigJSR-discuss] Please review proposal for implicit converters, Mark Struberg

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