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[config-dev] Meeting minutes 2021--6-24

Below is the meeting minutes from yesterday's meeting,



  • Emily Jiang (IBM)

  • Tomas Langer (Oracle)

  • Dmitry Kornilov (Oracle)

  • Laird Nelson (Oracle)

  • David Lloyd (Red Hat)

  • Ivar Grimstad (Eclipse Foundation)

  • Werner Keil (Committer)


  • Mailing list

    • Easy accessible, history preserved, I prefer it for voting

  • Slack

    • Nice for quick discussions, limited history

Project Lead role

  • No veto right

  • No making solo decisions

  • Making sure that EDP process is followed

  • Submitting spec for formal reviews and ballots

  • Organizing meetings, starting votes, making sure that votes are done the right way

  • Ensure a friendly discussion atmosphere, any rude conversations are not tolerated

PR merging rules

  • Issue templates - Emily will create a draft for discussion¬†

  • An issue must be created for a PR associated with.

  • How many approvals are required? 2

  • The minimum period a PR should be kept open for? 2 days

    • Send to all committers for approval

    • Merge the PR if 2 approvals without other suggested changes.

    • Go through vote if reviewers disagree among themselves

For the governance process, we will create an asciidoc on the root of the project so that we can maintain it. We can roll it out in other projects if this process works out.

Goals and not goals


  • Programmatic APIs for looking up Config

  • Configuration map - mapping string to Object - rather, "object-config mapping" = mapping of complex configuration shapes onto object (class or interface) hierarchies

    • Config properties - look up a group of config properties

  • Validation of Configuration¬†

  • CDI integration

  • Use Jakarta Config to configure other Jakarta components (including CDI, requires design considerations)

  • External config sources - layered config sources

  • Dynamic config source (mutability)

  • Tree structure hierarchy config sources

  • Provide built-in config source types such as yaml, json, properties

  • Variable replacements - config expressions

  • Discovery of config properties for other tooling (Laird will explain :-))

  • Config profiles

  • Meta config sources - describe which config sources to load; programmatic¬†

  • OSGi

The above list was a brainstorm. The list will grow and then prune later. Please feel free to add your thoughts here.

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