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Re: [cdt-dev] Committer Election for Gesa Hentschke on Eclipse CDT™ (C/C++ Development Tooling) has started

Hi Carlos,

Thank you for making the request - I have passed it on to the Eclipse Webmaster via the helpdesk - you can follow updates as needed here 

 I've started receiving e-mails from this mailing list

I think you are receiving these emails because you once subscribed to the mailing list and sent emails such as - if you have only recently started receiving such emails again it is may be because the Eclipse Foundation webmasters have been working hard to ensure that mailing lists don't end up in spam.

Feel free to reply to me personally (off-list) if there is anything else I can do to help.


Jonah Graham (he/him)
Kichwa Coders

On Tue, 2 May 2023 at 20:53, Carlos Ferreira <> wrote:
Hello to all.

I apologize for the intrusion in this conversation but for some unknown reason to me, I've started receiving e-mails from this mailing list. I do not have an account on although I most likely had one in the past. Due to this, I'm unable to remove myself from the mailing list.

Given that I'm an EU citizen, in accordance with the current GDPR regulations, I would like to exercise that my right to be forgotten be requesting that my e-mail and all information associated to it, be removed from the servers and/or databases managed by the Eclipse organization IT team. This means that my e-mail should be removed not only from any mailing lists where it may be subscribed but also from any system managed by the Eclipse organization.

Feel free to redirect this request to the proper department/person within the organization.

Thank you for the attention and apologies for those receiving this request of mine inadvertently.

With regards,

On Wed, 26 Apr 2023 at 14:08, emo--- via cdt-dev <cdt-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
A committer election for Gesa Hentschke on project Eclipse CDT™ (C/C++
Development Tooling) (tools.cdt) was started by Jonah Graham with this

Gesa recently started contributing in a significant way to the Eclipse CDT™
(C/C++ Development Tooling) team and has already made an impact on the
project by writing a LSP based editor for CDT.

Gesa has already completed the following work on the CDT LSP -

$ git log --author=Gesa --oneline
f776179 Update tycho-build.yaml
0e31c8b Update tycho-build.yaml
7b7b474 Add debug flags to maven
8e57a46 Feature: edit server path and options in preference page
28841b0 Define C-Editor IDs in one place
6dbce31 Fix wrong bundle name in Eclipse 2022-06
de22ff6 Add unit tests
ac7f421 Refactor Java packages and visibility
cb9c07f Merge pull request #7 from ghentschke/master
79b7dc5 fix: property tester not operating as expected (#2)
b3e75d7 (jonah/master) Merge pull request #6 from chrismathis/initial-build
c25b747 Merge pull request #5 from jonahgraham/readme
a7a375b Merge pull request #3 from jonahgraham/logging
67b6b51 Updated TODO with test
72818de Fix typo
b96be91 fix graphic issue in
0f14614 Add TODO
e77674e Add comment in description
a2ed6c4 Update project description
ac3ae74 feat: add ui plugin
e44c41f refactor: rename contentTester ist editorTest
e92996d feat: add enabledWhen to server element in extension point
7b27d1c feat: missing server definition and editor test is a warning
ba138ec feat: add default language server
db4c591 Update
4122693 Create
6c37a64 initial commit

However this only shows part of the work they have done. Gesa has also
reviewed many PRs in cdt-lsp, coordinated development effort and worked cross
project to make sure users will get a good experience once we release the LSP
based work.

It is my pleasure to nominate Gesa as a committer on Eclipse CDT™ (C/C++
Development Tooling).

Eclipse CDT™ (C/C++ Development Tooling) project committers can click the
election link below to vote.



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