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[cdt-dev] Marking functions and types not reachable by using the source include headers.

Hello to all!

I'm having an issue with Eclipse CDT, more specifically (I think) with the CDT Indexer.

Currently, because the CDT Indexer is indexing everything, if I have a source/header using types of functions which are not reachable through the included headers, CDT does not mark them as undefined/unknown types/references. It just knows where they are.
This creates a problem for me because I sometimes forgot to add the required headers and then, the compiler (GCC) ends up complaining.

My question is, which options do I need to customize, in order for the Indexer/CDT to mark the functions, types, templates, etc,  not reachable by the current #include list.

Thank you all!


Carlos Miguel Ferreira
Researcher at Telecommunications Institute
Aveiro - Portugal
Work E-mail - cmf@xxxxxxxx
Skype & GTalk ->

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