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Re: [cdt-dev] Is there interest in a rewritten managed build?

Hi Jantje

To help us all respond to your question, can you please briefly comment on the following points:

  • Why did you need to modify the CDT managed build system (MBS) extension point schema?
  • How does the feature set of the revised MBS differ from that of the existing CDT MBS?
  • How does the user interface differ from that of the existing CDT MBS?


John Dallaway

On 01/01/2023 20:32, jan wrote:

Hi all,

I have been working on rewriting part of managed build. That is; I needed a new extension point because I needed to modify the extension point schema.

I have gotten to the point where I have the basic framework -based on the original code- running from a different extension point (io.sloeber.autoBuild.buildDefinitions).
There is still plenty of work (months to a year I think).
The steps I plan to take are

  1. Copy/modified code to get the basic framework to run. (done)
  2. get a functional part working
  3. add runnable testsĀ  (used for regression testing)
  4. cleanup/rewite the functional part.
  5. If parts remaining goto 2

During cleanup I will have to take important decisions that will decide on the reusability.

I'm thinking about

  • Do I keep the toolchains, the versions, the build variables...
  • How far to cleanup the extensionpoint

An important driver for me will be: "Will this ever become part of CDT" because if not the only criteria is "Does sloeber need this".

Therefore I would like to know whether there is interest in this?

Best regards


The current mess of code can be found at

The 2 plugins you need to add to CDT are io.sloeber.ManagedBuild and io.sloeber.ManagedBuild.ui

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