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Re: [cdt-dev] Fwd: [eclipse-cdt/cdt] New view: function call history (Discussion #165)


Going to answer here, since I have no github account.

How is this related/compared to the "Call Graph Visualization" in CDT?
Sounds like doing the same thing.

And, this has the same problem as it sounds like the Intel one .. it
seems to only run on Linux, not Windows.
So, I have no clue even about the CDT CGV, since I gave up to use Linux
20 years ago out of certain reasons.


Am 15.11.2022 um 01:15 schrieb Jonah Graham:
Sending this to the wider cdt-dev mailing list. As we are learning about
where best to have discussions I wanted to make this interesting view
proposal from Ari @ Intel widely visible.

Please join in the discussion on


Jonah Graham
Kichwa Coders <>

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Hi CDT devs,

I work at Intel as a software engineer, and I have a question about
contributing a new feature to CDT. So, we have had a long time our own
plugin which provides an extra view called "Function Call History". It's
a fairly simple view which shows a hierarchical view of every C/C++
function call that was recorded by gdb. We have not been developing it
for a long time now, since it's "mature" and it just ships with every
Intel oneAPI Base Toolkit release, and is optionally installed to user's
Eclipse installation. Now, we are thinking about upstreaming this view
to CDT. I'm curious how the process would go and how long this might
take to get this new view accepted as part of CDT? I know it's to easy
to say, since the review might take a long time and there are also some
restrictions when the view can be used (it requires a specific version
of gdb, Linux OS and of course, Intel CPU). So, I'm not even sure if
such a feature could be accepted by CDT due to those conditions.

Any comments are welcome.


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