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[cdt-dev] problem with externl makefile project

Hello everybody, I hope to find you well  
This is my first post on the CDT de list.
It'a a real pleasure being here, I love CDT and eclipse, you have done a very good job!

My post is about:
575408: Closing and reopen a project casue the resets of language provider settings
Jonah has suggested that I post here, and here I m.

I've work on an linux embedded C/C++ project, And since the beginning I choose eclipse CDT for my team and I as our main C/C++ IDE.

Our project have an independent build system based on its own makefile, so in eclipse is configured a  makefile project:
C manage build --> Makefile Project -->empty project --> Cross GCC.

I work a lot to configure a lot of automation inside CDT for developers and all works great.

My problem is that every time I close and reopen the project, I loose my cross-tools settings, and thus the indexer try to resolve symbols using the x86 compiler instead of our cross compiler.

Thank you in advance

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