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Re: [cdt-dev] CDT 10.6.1

On Wed, 20 Apr 2022 at 03:03, Christian Walther <walther@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
Jonah Graham wrote:

> - There is a bug in GDB 10 & GDB 11 that can cause GDB to quit unexpectedly and randomly
>     - See the [GDB bug 28711](
>     - This may be able to be worked around in CDT by changing `org.eclipse.cdt.dsf.mi.service.command.AbstractMIControl.NUMBER_CONCURRENT_COMMANDS` to 1 to prevent there being multiple concurrent commands waiting in GDB input buffer.
> Following the call we realized that the problem affects all GDB versions from GDB 9 through 11 and this causes a bad user experience. GDB 12 will be fixed, but that isn't available yet, and we don't know if the GDB community will back port the fix (I don't expect them to).
> Torbjörn has now done most of the work required to release a CDT 10.6.1 with a workaround fix for this[2] and we think it would be best to have a release that contains the workaround. Therefore I have provisionally scheduled 10.6.1 for Tuesday April 26[3]. A few other fixes will be included in that patch release too.
> Please share your thoughts.

At Indel, we happened on the same problem with GDB 11, but because we build our own GDB anyway, we just cherry-picked the fix (, and then backed out again for Windows because it apparently neither works nor is needed there, Also, we’re not on CDT 10.6 yet, with no concrete plans on when to update next. So any decision is fine with us.

Thanks Christian for that extra info! Some of the ongoing discussions about releasing GDB 12 seem to be related to this issue too - the thread starts here:

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