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[cdt-dev] Building CDT project with docker image

Hi everyone,


I am running into issues when using the “Build from Docker image” option for the CDT project build. My use case is the following:


I have a custom RCP based on Eclipse CDT. This RCP had been ported to Windows, and we are trying to port it to Linux Ubuntu. To build C/C++ projects, we deliver a Docker image to the user, that is linked at project creation. The project is built through a “make” command. We also offer the possibility to build the project in the Docker image in command line mode. Here is what I have so far:


-          In Windows everything works, build in the Docker image from CDT or in Docker from the launched image in the command line

-          In Linux Ubuntu, the whole build works fine from the command line, but I witnessed the following issues when building from CDT:

o   I got some “permission denied” errors when calling the compiler installed on the Docker image. Although this has been solved setting the user to “root” when building the Docker image, it makes me wonder what the user is set to when running from CDT?

o   After setting the user to root in the built Docker image, another issue appears: we have a python tool installed in the Docker image, and when this tool is called by the make script from the Docker image inside CDT, nothing happens, it seems the tool cannot even be called.


I do not have extended experience with Linux so there is probably something I am missing there. Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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