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Re: [cdt-dev] Indexer not including system header definitions?

My 2 cents

I have seen some codan (code analyses) errors pop up since I moved to CDT10.

I assumed it was Sloeber code (and I think I fixed it) but there clearly have been changes that cause timing issues (stuff firing to early in Sloeber) and codan is one of them.

IMHO the errors you reportĀ  appear when codan (code analyses) has not run properly. To verify this possibility, could you force codan to retry? (details below)

Check whether you have a error in the error log or the problem disappears.

Best regards


Detailed instructions to retry codan

go to managed build project properties->c/c++ General->preprocessor include paths, macros, etc->providers

One of these active language settings providers (I ssume CDT GCC build-in Compiler settings) has a command field. Change that (for instance add -Dtest) select apply and close

Op 5/12/2020 om 8:40 schreef Liviu Ionescu:
For projects created with the new CDT build support (CMake, make, etc), the definitions coming from the system headers are flagged as problems:

Description				Resource	Path	Location	Type
Function 'printf' could not be resolved	mk2.cpp	/mk2	line 7	Semantic Error
Symbol 'cout' could not be resolved	cmake1.cpp	/cmake1	line 5	Semantic Error
Symbol 'std' could not be resolved	cmake1.cpp	/cmake1	line 2	Semantic Error
Type 'int32_t' could not be resolved	mk2.cpp	/mk2	line 4	Semantic Error

I could not find a way to rebuild the index to include them.

Similar managed build projects correctly include the definition available in the system headers.

What am I missing?


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