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Re: [cdt-dev] What exactly is CDT core build?

> On 20 Aug 2020, at 21:12, 15 knots <fifteenknots505@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I can see that
> CBuildConfiguration uses osgi.service.prefs.Preferences to store the
> project settings. 

Since I don't know the scope of CBuildConfiguration, I might be completely off topic, and in this case disregards my comment, but please be sure you preserve the distinction between configuration and preferences.

A configuration is a set of definitions specific to the project. The file(s) used to store it must be portable, in other words it should not store absolute paths or other platform specific definitions, and generally should be valid on all platforms (Windows, macOS, GNU/Linux). Configuration files can be safely stored in repositories.

Preferences are definitions specific to a platform. They can include absolute paths and other information specific to the developer or the developer environment. Preferences should not be stored in repositories, since they generally collide with other team member preferences.

As an example, .project and .cproject are configuration files, and should be stored in the repository (assuming they include portable definitions), and the files in the .settings folder should generally not be saved in a repository.

Hope this helps.


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