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[cdt-dev] What exactly is CDT core build?

Hi all,

What exactly is core build compared to managed build? Are there any
concept papers that explain it? I found standard build [1] in the CDT
Which packages belong to the scope of core build?

I am evaluating a path to improve cmake build support for CDT that
takes the CMakeLists.txt as the source of truth. I already did that
for managed build (cmake4eclipse), but MBS gives a project
configuration UI that is confusing to users: Lots of the input fields
simply have no effect if the project uses cmake to generate build

Looking at the CDT code base, I found at least one discrepancy:
The CMake-project-creation wizard put a <pathentry> for the output
location into the .cproject file, but CBuildConfiguration.class
hard-codes the location to be
Is core build supposed to use .cproject to store the preferences any longer?

Regards, Martin


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