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Re: [cdt-dev] Environment variables CDT version 11


Thanks for the answer. See below

Op 9/06/2020 om 3:43 schreef Jonah Graham:
Hi Jantje,

Thank you for the clear write up and problem capture. To prevent confusion with any previous work in this area I recommend using a new bug that references the wiki. Once this work is done, we can update old bugs to say they are resolved or no longer relevant.
I was going to ask what was the best way forward, you beat me to it :-)

Your email mentions 3 solutions, but the wiki seems to have 5 possible solutions.
After the mail my brains kept going and didn't like the solution. So I thought up 2 more solutions and updated the doc.
I assume the last one titled "only Uppercase environment variables from windows OSin that are explicitly used by CDT" is the last one you are referring to?
It was not the one I was referring to but it is currently my most preferred one. Especially the list of variables to uppercase is bugging me. Path is the only one I'm sure about. I guess looking at the code will get things clear. But even if there is only one I would go for a list implementation so it is easy to add one.
I further assume that you think CBuildConfiguration.findCommand should be refactored to use EnvironmentReader (I would agree with that)
I didn't assume that but it seems like a good idea to me :-)
I hope for input on how to make the change reviewable. I have already 25 files in git staging.
and that EnvironmentReader would be responsible for the upper casing of those special environment variables (I agree with that too).

I think we should continue discussion on this topic in the aforementioned bug you create. Please post a link here to that bug so that others can follow along on further conversation if they want.

Thank you Jantje for tackling such a tricky piece of legacy code. I suspect there will be other things that come up as you implement this fix and I hope that I and the rest of the community can support your changes by testing and/or reviewing your changes.
Thanks and lets hope so.


Jonah Graham
Kichwa Coders

On Thu, 4 Jun 2020 at 14:19, Jan Baeyens <jan@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

As I'm working on removing the uppercasing of environment variable names
on windows my brain received a refresh of the problems.

There is still a open issue in regards with ao Path environment
variables. I found 3 possible solutions but I think only the last is
really feasible.

I wrote it all down in a document

input is appreciated.


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