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[cdt-dev] Committer Election for Alexander Fedorov on Eclipse C/C++ Development Tooling (CDT) has started

A committer election for Alexander Fedorov on project Eclipse C/C++
Development Tooling (CDT) (tools.cdt) was started by Alexander Kurtakov with
this criteria:

Alexander Fedorov  has the following contirbutions so far (according to git
Bug 558288 - CDT Oomph setup should not fail on API Baseline activation
       Bug 558484 - Normalize manifests for CDT LSP component
       Bug 558516 - Normalize i18n for CDT LSP component
       Bug 558541 - Remove dependency to from CDT LSP
       Bug 558542 - Create "org.eclipse.cdt.lsp.ui" bundle
       Bug 558549 - Move CDT Language Server preference page to UI bundle
       Bug 558560 - Switch from SimRel to particular p2 repos
Bug 558591 - Move editor-related contribution to the UI part of CDT LSP
       Bug 558636 - Error in baseline target platform definition for CDT
       Bug 558654 - CDT target and setup should be sorted alphabetically
       Bug 558654 - CDT target and setup should be sorted alphabetically
       Bug 558660 - Isolate cquery-related code of the
       Bug 558703 - CDT LSP bundles should include about.html
       Bug 558826 - Fix branding issues for org.eclipse.cdt.arduino-feature
       Bug 333134 - Add options to configure doxygen behavior
       Bug 559193 - new API for preference management
       Bug 559412 - CDT checker: skip org.eclipse.pde.ds.annotations.prefs
       Bug 559193 - Rework DoxygenPreferences to encapsulate constants
       Bug 559066 - Rework DocCommentOwnerCombo and mark it for deletion
       Bug 559067 - Rework DocCommentOwnerComposite and mark it for deletion
       Bug 559707 - Promote ToolchainBuiltinSpecsDetector.getTool(String)

But what is more important he is actively looking at the CDT as a whole
involved in discussions about driving the project together, replying to
incoming gerrits, helping with releng and etc.
With all of the above I do believe he will be great addition to CDT project!

Eclipse C/C++ Development Tooling (CDT) project committers can click the
election link below to vote.



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