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[cdt-dev] Configurations in

Hi Jonah,

I've looked a bit into supporting more build configurations in

I've resumed an old idea of having a file in the project contain this information and providing an editor to show the configuration UI, like in the attached screenshot.

Now I was wondering how to feed the configurations into, but I'm a bit at a loss there.
From what I understood:
- looks for the ICBuildConfiguration associated to the active IBuildconfiguration of the project (but there is no UI to select a build configuration)
- CMakeBuildConfigurationProvider creates configurations based on the triple project, buildType, toolchain

So the only foreseen use case for a different configuration would be a different toolchain, but not e.g. different options passed to CMake to support different target configurations.

Is it planned to add configuration selection in UI or was it a design decision to remove it?



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