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[cdt-dev] CDT for Eclipse 2019-03

Hello folks,

We are approaching the first milestone for Eclipse 2019-03 simultaneous release. (Note that the new simultaneous releases are named by their planned release year-month, no longer by a name.)

As of yet we have not discussed which version of CDT to release, CDT 9.6.x from cdt_9_6 branch, or CDT 9.7.0 from master branch. Does anyone have any input? In the absence of any input, at least for M1 next week, I will leave the same contribution of CDT 9.6.0 as there have been no new code commits on the CDT 9.6 branch. (Indeed on the master branch all the fixes so far could just be cherry-picked to the 9.6 branch and we could do a CDT 9.6.1 with the contributions we received over the quietish Christmas period.)


This is our schedule for publishing CDT's contribution to 2019-03 simultaneous release. See SimRel 2019-03 Plan for further details.  (The EPP generally will be available on Friday of the same week):
Monday 14 Jan - 2019-03 M1
Monday 4 Feb - 2019-03 M2
Monday 25 Feb - 2019-03 M3
Monday 4 Mar - 2019-03 RC1
Monday 11 Mar* - 2019-03 RC2
Then we are in Quiet week(s) until the release on Wed 20 Mar.

I may not be able to handle the release on this date due to scheduling conflicts. As we get closer to the date I will come up with a contingency plan to handle any RC2 week issues - volunteers please be in touch off list to discuss.

Jonah Graham
Kichwa Coders Ltd.

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