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[cdt-dev] Branching for CDT 9.6

Hi folks,

CDT 9.6.0 is almost ready to go. Next Monday is the second and final release candidate, only show stoppers after that for rebuilds before 2018-12 ships.

I think we should continue with our recent history of doing maintenance/bug fix releases as and when needed and based on recent experience I expect the first one of those will be in mid January, that will be 9.6.1.

Ahead of RC2 being delivered on Monday I would like to branch so that our release is done from the branch. I would like to make the branch on Monday too. Once the branching is done, master will be open to new work for CDT 9.7.0 (release date to be discussed at a later time).

Any thoughts or objections?


Jonah Graham
Kichwa Coders Ltd.

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