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Re: [cdt-dev] CDT on Github

Good question. For the new repos, it would be Github Issues and Pull Requests. I actually find their Issues better than bugzilla. But I've never been a fan of Pull Requests, mainly because I find them awkward having to work in a fork that needs to be magically kept up to date and stuff. But that's how Github works and that's where most new open source projects end up. Working in VS Code and the JavaScript world in general has been eye-opening on that.

For org.eclipse.cdt, I don't suggest any changes. Basically all we'd be doing is moving the existing repo,, to our new org, maybe with a rename to make it clear it's the Eclipse plug-ins.


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> Any thoughts for or against?

I don't have any opinion on the location of the repository itself.

However, I wonder: would this affect bug tracking (Bugzilla) or code reviews (Gerrit)? I prefer both of those over their Github equivalents.


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