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[cdt-dev] Indexer get 0 results

Hello cdt developers, 

I am debugging cdt code and trying to understand how indexing works as I am having different issues with it.

1. Why cdt indexer returns sometimes 0 results?
e.g. Project is created indexer is kicked off, getting good results,  going to project preferences, change a configuration and getting new indexer log with 0 results:

Indexed 'MyProject' (0 sources, 0 headers) in 0.456 sec: 0 declarations; 0 references; 0 unresolved inclusions; 0 syntax errors; 0 unresolved names (0%)

2. Why sometimes indexer results are not printed in .log/"Error logs". I have to add extra option (org.eclipse.cdt.core/debug/indexer=true) to be able to see indexer report in debug.

C/C++ Indexer: Project 'MyProject' (0 sources, 0 headers)

    Options: indexer='PDOMFastIndexer', parseAllFiles=false, unusedHeaders=skip, skipReferences=false, skipImplicitReferences=true, skipTypeReferences=false, skipMacroReferences=false.

    Database: 8192 bytes

    Timings: 2214 total, 0 parser, 0 resolution, 0 index update.

    Errors: 0 internal, 0 include, 0 scanner, 0 syntax errors.

    Names: 0 declarations, 0 references, 0(0.00%) unresolved.

    Cache[128MB]: 52 hits, 0(0.00%) misses.

3. Also, other issue I have is when indexer is not kicked off at all in some cases.

Thank you
Kind Regards

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