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Re: [cdt-dev] Parser fix needed for correct parsing of GCC 8 standard library headers

Hey Jonah,

> Would it help (aka would it have been detected earlier) to have GCC8 available on the build machine to run tests on. I was thinking we could do something similar to what we do for GDB and build/test many GCC versions, even the HEADs of the active branches.

Yes, I've actually been thinking the same thing. We could catch issues like this if we had "end-to-end" parser tests, where instead of the input being a reduced piece of code that doesn't use external headers, the input is the real code the user would write, including standard library headers and such.

The tests would run using the standard library headers of a given gcc version (or set of versions). When a new version of gcc is released (or even slightly before), we can try the same test cases with the new version, and see if anything breaks. That way, we could get ahead of issues like this rather than waiting for bug reports from users.

Unfortunately, I don't have much time to commit to building this sort of test suite right now. However, if someone else is interested in driving this effort, I'm happy to provide guidance / help out as I can.


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