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[cdt-dev] Expanding C/C++ EPP Package

Hey gang,


I’d like to add a number of our previously optional features to the Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers package.


This will be pretty significant and I’m not sure how wide the impact is beyond those who download it from the Eclipse downloads page. So please let us know if this affects you.


Essentially I’d include all the Core Build features, CMake especially but also Qt and Arduino. We can also add in the new Meson support. This also means adding in the Launch Bar since you really need it to drive Core Build correctly. That will make the C/C++ IDE very different from the others, but better of course :).


The main open workflow I’m using personally is with the new ESP32 CMake build support. It’s a nice fit for our CMake feature but also offers nice integration with the Serial Terminal and launch co-ordination thanks to the Serial Flash launch target type. I’ll be blogging about that once I get my blog moved over to Github Pages.


I’m not a big Arduino guy anymore now that I’m deep in the ESP32 IDF SDK, but I know a lot of users like it and making it part of the C/C++ IDE gives them easier access to it. And I’m still hoping the community will come out and contribute to it. There’s lots of users asking for Arduino Library support if anyone is interested.


I’d like to get this into the M7 builds which start in a week’s time. I’ll submit the changes now but please let me know what you think about all this. We can always revert. And I’ll send a link once we have an EPP build with the changes in so you can try them out (and I can write the blog against it).



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