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Re: [cdt-dev] GSoC project for Language Server Protocol integration

Very cool! Thanks Nate and welcome Manish!

I will definitely help where I can with this effort. And, yes, this is an important feature for the CDT.
I've been looking at both cquery and clangd to learn how they integrate with clang. Cquery is definitely the farthest ahead and pretty usable but uses libclang which has a limited API. Clangd is integrated right in the clang source tree which gives you everything but has been progressing slowing in areas we care about. But clangd seems to be growing significant corporate momentum and has the better architecture and will likely be a better choice long term.

Either one, the biggest feature missing in both for most of us is support for cross toolchains and replicating how we grab scanner info to feed the parser the right built-in include paths and macros and to massage the input so clang will parse these. That's what I'm focusing on now.

I'm excited to see this go forward. Made my day. Thanks again!

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> Subject: [cdt-dev] GSoC project for Language Server Protocol integration
> Hi everyone,
> I am pleased to report that the Google Summer of Code project proposal that I
> suggested, for improving CDT's integration with the Language Server Protocol
> (LSP), has been accepted.
> Please welcome Manish Khurana (cc'd), the student who will be working on this
> project.
> As I mentioned before, I believe this is an important project for CDT, because it's
> the first step towards (what I hope will be) an eventual transition away from our
> increasingly unmaintained homegrown C++ parser, instead leveraging the
> capabilities of well-maintained parsers like clang's via the LSP.
> I will be mentoring this project, but of course we would be very grateful for
> feedback, assistance, and code reviews from other committers and community
> members as well.
> I hope to do some high-level planning for this project over the next few weeks,
> before the start of actual coding on May 14th.
> Regards,
> Nate
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