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[cdt-dev] GSoC project for Language Server Protocol integration

Hi everyone,

I am pleased to report that the Google Summer of Code project proposal that I suggested, for improving CDT's integration with the Language Server Protocol (LSP), has been accepted.

Please welcome Manish Khurana (cc'd), the student who will be working on this project.

As I mentioned before, I believe this is an important project for CDT, because it's the first step towards (what I hope will be) an eventual transition away from our increasingly unmaintained homegrown C++ parser, instead leveraging the capabilities of well-maintained parsers like clang's via the LSP.

I will be mentoring this project, but of course we would be very grateful for feedback, assistance, and code reviews from other committers and community members as well.

I hope to do some high-level planning for this project over the next few weeks, before the start of actual coding on May 14th.


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