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[cdt-dev] Getting started on CDT


I have been using Eclipse+CDT for a while but recently thought I'd have a go at fixing a bug that has been bothering me a lot ( I am completely new to Eclipse plugin development.

After following the instructions at as best as I could (there is no "Eclipse IDE for Eclipse Committers" on the download page, so I have just installed the plugins I figured I'd need), I have got the source checked out and mostly building.

However, I do have some errors in a few projects, many of the same form. Examples:

- In org.eclipse.cdt.core, file "schema/PDOMASTProcessor.exsd" line 54, I have an error flagged:
"Referenced element 'enablement' is not defined'.

- In org.eclipse.lsp4e.cpp.language/META-INF/ line 7:
"Bundle '' cannot be resolved"

- In org.eclipse.lsp4e.cpp.language
file src/org/eclipse/lsp4e/cpp/language/ line 27:
"'ProcessStreamConnectionProvider' cannot be resolved to a type".

(The latter refers to org.eclipse.lsp4e.server.ProcessStreamConnectionProvider, for which the import fails because the package "org.eclipse.lsp4e.server" cannot be resolved. Indeed, that package doesn't seem to exist in any of the projects).

Any chance that someone knows what is going wrong here? I guess it's some sort of missing dependency issue but I'm not sure how to proceed. Perhaps I'm just missing a requisite plugin?

Any help greatly appreciated! (Even if it's just a link to some documentation that I may have missed).


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