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[cdt-dev] readOnly configurations?


I'm trying to enhance the functionality of my project templates, and I detected a problem with the initial configurations that are marked as readOnly.

In my build plug-ins I use a custom storageModule where I store some definitions like deviceName, boardName, etc.

As of now, the storageModule is created and populated optionally, if the user enters a project properties page, and everything is fine, I can create the storage without problems.

For the next version I wanted to automate part of the process and create the same storageModule via a new template process, since I have most of the data during the project creation.

Unfortunately, when called from a template process, a line like

	ICStorageElement st = fConfigDesc.getStorage(storageId, true);

returns an InternalXmlStorageElement, which is created with the readOnly flag set, and there is no way to create content in this storage.

Exactly the same class used to manage my storage, instantiated after the configuration is created, returns a similar InternalXmlStorageElement, but this time it is created with the readOnly flag false, so I can add content to the storage.

Any idea why during the template wizard the storages are readOnly? Is there any way to avoid this?

Thank you,


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