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Re: [cdt-dev] Core Build/CMake update

Hi Doug and all,

I would like to discuss these questions in person, but alas I'm not going to make it to Ludwigsburg this year, so I'll have to ask them via mailing list.  

I've been looking over the code you changed with this update and here are a few questions for my clarification

1) It looks like CoreBuildLaunchConfigDelegate.buildForLaunch(ILaunchConfiguration configuration, String mode, ILaunchTarget target, IProgressMonitor monitor) is the entry point for the launch-bar-based build.

2) When I step through things from 1 it looks like the following sequence is followed:
    a) Get project from configuration
    b) With project, mode, target call getBuildConfiguration(project, mode, target).   The current impl of this uses the toolChainManager.getToolChainsMatching(targetProperties) to return a Collection<IToolChain>
    c) Only the first IToolChain from the resulting Collection is used (currently).
    d) The ICBuildConfigurationProvider is got from the project and used to call ICBuildConfigurationProvider.createBuildConfiguration(project, toolchain, launchMode, monitor)

Question 1:  It looks like the only way that the selected ILaunchTarget wrt the ICBuildConfiguration creation is to lookup the Collection<IToolChain> tcs by using the target properties in CoreBuildLaunchConfigDelegate.getBuildConfiguration().   If this is right, do you expect that for (e.g.) Docker-based build or run launches via launchbar that the ILaunchTarget will be a 'DockerContainerLaunchTarget' (or some other name)?   That is, do you expect that the launchbar UI will expose the Docker (or other ICommandLauncher) in the launchbar 'on' combo box (or rather in the New Launch Target... dialog)?

e) Once the ICBuildConfiguration is created, the is called for the project being the LaunchConfigurationDelegate superclass.

Question 2:   Is this flow for build/clean different than the one currently invoked via the project context menu->Build Project (which is what is invoked via Project menu/Build).   If so is it your desire or intention to unify them with a single code path for both?   Or does that matter?

Question 3:   WRT the ILaunchTarget and it's possible relationship to (e.g.) ICommandLauncher and impls (like DockerContainerCommandLauncher).    Would you expect that the IToolChainManager.getToolChainsMatching(targetProperties) would some how return both 'remoted' toolchains as well as 'local' toolchains (hidden behind IToolChainManager service), or would the IToolChain that it returned be somehow used in ICBuildConfigurationManager.getBuildConfiguration(project, toolChain, mode, monitor) call to get/return a build configuration that is 'remote enabled'?   Would the latter break the managed builder (?).   So the question is:   Where do you see hooking into ICommandLauncher?...or some other way to get a remote-enabled

Thanks for info,


On 10/12/2017 1:42 PM, Doug Schaefer wrote:

Hey Core Build and CMake fans!


I’ve submitted my latest update. You can see it here:


The key feature I’ve added it the ability to specify a toolchain to use for a given build for launch. This is especially necessary when you have multiple toolchains available for a given target like we do with Windows, or when you have multiple versions of toolchains available to you.


I also move storage of build settings out of the launch config, which was a pretty bad idea anyway, and they are now stored in preference store associated with the build config. That should open the door to build configs independent of the Launch Bar if someone wants to pursue that.


And now that we can manually specify toolchains for build configs, I’ve changed CMake so that the toolchain files are matched up with toolchains, instead of target properties. This makes more sense especially if you have multiple toolchains with different CMake setups.


Feel free to ask me anything or any other feedback,


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