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Re: [cdt-dev] Debugging inside Parser AST Actions

Hi Amr,

The parser contained in the org.eclipse.cdt.core.lrparser package is deprecated and not actually used.

The parser that is actually used is GNUCSourceParser [1] for C code and GNUCPPSourceParser for C++ code.


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Sent: August 9, 2017 1:55:04 PM
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Subject: [cdt-dev] Debugging inside Parser AST Actions

Hi all,

I need to debug in C/C++ Parser Action Code inside this file:
I have put many breakpoints in different functions such as:
without any hope and also other functions such as in:
consumeTokenBut all the breakpoints doesnot hit in Eclipse Debug Mode ?!

Can you please help me to make debug works in this scope ?

Best regards,

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