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[cdt-dev] Windows support

Hey gang,


I am back on Windows with my work machine and have left my Mac behind. Most of our users are on Windows and it clearly needs some love.


The first thing I’ve done is added Core Build support for the Microsoft Build Tools (cl.exe compiler) with the Windows 10 Kits (SDKs). I have a work project that’s using C++ (a node.js addon for running in Electron) and CMake so ran into this need head on. It’s available now in both 9.3 and master branches if you want to try it out. It’s in the plug-in.


The Managed Build integration for this environment is still pretty broken and I haven’t taken a look at that, and may not. Anyone else interested can follow the example in the MSVCToolChain I just created.


The next thing that crossed my mind is Debug. I found an old bug I raised 10 years ago on the subject ( Marc-Andre once suggested there that we add a DSF integration for cdb. I personally don’t really want to spend any time with DSF more than necessary. I think following the lldb example of adding an MI layer on top makes more sense and is more future proof. Feel free to follow along the bug as I try and hack something together for that.




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