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Re: [cdt-dev] FW: Core Build for 9.2

Hi Doug

First off, I would be very interested in working on the CMake support for CDT. I
currently work at the Institute for Software (HSR) while doing my MSc part-time. 
Next semester, my first term-project is coming up and while discussing possible
projects, we came across the CDT CMake integration.

I have played around with it a little bit, and it seems like there are still
some things to implement, like source file management, syntax highlighting and
semantic completion.

I was wondering if you (or anyone else) could point me at an overview of the
current state of the project, as well as what features are planned or other
design notes, so that I get an idea of who is working on what features and what
areas I could contribute to. This would allow me to see if the scope would be
sufficiently large for a term-project and I could formulate a project proposal.


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Subject: FW: [cdt-dev] Core Build for 9.2
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Hey Mark, good to hear from you.
I think for the most part CMake is working. I demoed it at a ESE Kongress a
couple of months ago so gave it a good work out. Feel free to give it a try and
see if there’s anything missing that you may need.
I have an example here of how I used it for the ESP8266 micro controller and
it’s FreeRTOS SDK. I really like how it turned out and showed me how good CMake
is for things like this.
I don’t think we need anything formal. We can certainly talk about it at the
next CDT call. Our Mattermost channel is also a good vehicle for more immediate

I’m not planning on working on it the next few weeks as we’re in crunch mode
with our next QNX product release coming up. So if there’s something you see
that needs to be fixed or worked on, please raise a bug in Bugzilla and we can
discuss things there. I do receive all new CDT Bugzilla reports so will keep an
eye out for them.
Also if anyone else is interested in working on our CMake integration, please
respond so we can co-ordinate.

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