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Re: [cdt-dev] Core Build for 9.2

Hey Mark, good to hear from you.

I think for the most part CMake is working. I demoed it at a ESE Kongress a couple of months ago so gave it a good work out. Feel free to give it a try and see if there’s anything missing that you may need.

I have an example here of how I used it for the ESP8266 micro controller and it’s FreeRTOS SDK. I really like how it turned out and showed me how good CMake is for things like this.

I don’t think we need anything formal. We can certainly talk about it at the next CDT call. Our Mattermost channel is also a good vehicle for more immediate discussions.

I’m not planning on working on it the next few weeks as we’re in crunch mode with our next QNX product release coming up. So if there’s something you see that needs to be fixed or worked on, please raise a bug in Bugzilla and we can discuss things there. I do receive all new CDT Bugzilla reports so will keep an eye out for them.

Also if anyone else is interested in working on our CMake integration, please respond so we can co-ordinate.


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Subject: Re: [cdt-dev] Core Build for 9.2

Hi Doug,


Sorry for the very slow reply in this area.


How are you getting on with the builder work and in particular CMake?


I was wondering if and how Renesas can help you with this. We do have an interest in this area as you know.


With regards to assisting you – would it make sense to spin this into a small CDT working group for interested parties?

Perhaps then we could then decide what jobs are needed and the effort required to implement.


We may be able to commit some effort to this area.


What do you think? Perhaps this could be discussed in an upcoming CDT call?


Best regards,




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Subject: [cdt-dev] Core Build for 9.2


Hey gang, with 9.2 only a few weeks away, I’m quickly realizing I won’t get both CMake and Qt plug-ins in shape for then. My priority is Qt so I’ll focus on that and see if I can get it ready. Anything else new like will have to wait.


I really like how Core Build is turning out. There’s still a lot of questions to answer so refocusing on Oxygen just seems to be the right thing to do.


Let me know if you have thoughts, or would like to help accelerate the program.


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