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[cdt-dev] performApply does not save at BinaryParsTab class

I browse and select new values at C build -  Settings -  Binary Parsers via Binary Parser Options as a command.

But these selected values are can not be saved. 

At the BinaryParsTab there is a comment. So these BinaryParserPages are can not be saved at the moment as well ...

* @noextend This class is not intended to be subclassed by clients.
public class BinaryParsTab extends AbstractCPropertyTab {
/* Settings from binary parser pages are NOT saved by prior CDT version.
* So existing binary parsers _always_ use default values.
* Moreover, obsolete interface is used while attempting to save.
* We have to affect both parsers and pages
* to teach them to save data really.
* It will be done in next versions. Currently pages are disabled.

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