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[cdt-dev] CDT Website

Hi all,

We have some students currently working with Kichwa Coders and gaining experience working with open source, including CDT. 

One of our students, Jean-Philippe Darroy has been prototyping a new Eclipse CDT website, which we would like to help him develop further so it could be the new CDT homepage. Here is his first working version:

* Website is built using bootstrap & the main idea is it should be more modern looking & easy to maintain after it is initially put together.
* The design is loosely based on a couple of the projects that are part of the science working group (e.g.  Eclipse January).
* Roxanne has set up a new CDT playlist on the Eclipse Foundation's YouTube channel
* All links currently point to the old wiki pages but we might like to redo those one by one, time permitting. 

Any feedback would be appreciated. 


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