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[cdt-dev] auto-set certain toolchain options at project creation time

Hi Experts,

I have integrated my toolchain consisting of tools like compiler, linker etc. into CDT MBS via cdt.managedbuilder.core.buildDefinitions extension point. With this, I can now select my toolchain when creating a C/C++ EXE project in the New C/C++ project wizard and can later manually change option values in the Build Settings GUI dialog - all this works fine!
What I now need to do is to automatically set certain tool options like the compiler include paths, library paths etc. based on some external settings file residing somewhere on the file system, when the project is being created. So, I am looking for some hooks or extension points when I can attach my providers that can automatically set the required option values. Could you please suggest? Do I need to create my own project template for this? Any pointers/examples would be of great help here!

Thanks and Regards,

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