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[cdt-dev] clang language server

Hey gang,

I wanted to bring to your attention something new happening in the LLVM Clang project. A group of developers there are working on a language server implementation based on clang. This fits into a lot of other languages that are being added to Eclipse with Microsoft’s relatively new Language Server Protocol.

I’m not sure yet how to engage this new community. Code is starting to arrive on their review board ( and discussion is happening on their mailing list though not much of it is technical yet (

This is an interesting new direction a few of us have been considering for the CDT. There’s some great work going on now in the CDT to improve our language services and I don’t expect this new work with clang to be at feature parity for quite a while, but it does give us an opportunity to hook into a bigger pool of open source developers if a large group of IDE developers jump on board (and we’ve already seen interest from Qt Creator and Eclipse Che devs, and the work seems to be initially targeted at VS.Code).

I’m interested in what people think of this.


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