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Re: [cdt-dev] managed build location?

> On 2 Feb 2017, at 08:31, Raphael Zulliger <zulliger@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> ... But beware that this may be completely independent of you "issue"

although philosophically the same theme, practically it is different, I need a project generated by a tool (which presumedly knows how to generate projects correctly, without relative paths) to build properly, while the original bug wants to make the build path configurable by the user.

personally I see no problem in allowing the user to set a deeper build folder; if he used relative paths, the first build will break, he will correct the paths (or make them absolute) and rebuild.

but I think that the logic to correctly generate the makefiles regardless where the build folder is should be there; it is interesting to see how a poor decision in the early days of CDT prevented a bug reported in 2007 to be addressed even 10 years later.

in practical terms, I see two steps here:

- fix the internal mechanism to handle generic paths, and correctly make use of the `buildPath` attribute; this will allow external tools to generate projects to suit their needs.

- fix the GUI to allow the user to change the build location (no longer disable the GUI field for managed builds)

since this is not the first time I encounter problems with the managed build classes (some explicitly marked non-derivable, non-expanadable, non-anything), this time I might decide to copy them locally to GNU ARM Eclipse and modify them as needed :-(



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