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Re: [cdt-dev] Support for C++14 constexpr evaluation

> any plans to fix support for auto and other c++11/14 features? in my µOS++/CMSIS++ project ( I use templates, allocators, unique pointer, etc, and Eclipse is very confused about most of my sources.

C++11 support should be complete, with the exception of the occasional edge case. If you are experiencing false positive errors or other problems in C++11 code, please file bugs in the parser component; I try to stay on top of those.

For C++14, we currently have support for decltype(auto) and constexpr evaluation; I hope to work on other C++14 features next.

> another major problem I noticed is the refactoring code, which, at least for my C++ code, is mostly unusable, after attempting to rename a class member it pops a dialog telling that the operation could not be performed, and reverses all changes.

I am aware that the rename refactoring has a number of bugs in it. I hope to spend some time on it after catching up on C++14 support.


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