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[cdt-dev] CMake and the New C/C++ Project Wizard

Hey gang,

I did some work on Cmake yesterday and it now somewhat works. I had to hard code the location of cmake for my Mac since it doesn’t add /usr/local/bin to the path and I’m using Homebrew which puts Cmake there. I’ll make that a user setting soon. It also only builds for the Local machine using discovered toolchains. In the end, it works on my Mac and will need some work to get it working elsewhere.

We still need to hook up the commands JSON file to scanner info. And we need to add support for toolchain files to support remote targets. And it would be nice to have an editor for the CMakeLists.txt file. It would also be good if the binary parser didn’t look in the CMakeFiles directory which contains some config artifacts.

I’ve also introduced the “New C/C++ Project” wizard which uses the new template engine. Qt and Arduino projects already use the engine and have their own wizards. The thought is to stop producing more wizards and put the templates into the single wizard. The wizard supports tag based filtering and can handle several project types. So Cmake projects can only be created from there and I will likely remove the Qt project wizard soon as well. I’ll leave Arduino for a bit since I’m not sure those users realize they’re writing C++ :).

I need to add the legacy project wizard into this new wizard so we can move forward with just a single wizard. The framework is flexible enough to do that so it shouldn’t take long. I just need to add the language choice into the main page of the wizard. The good news is that I’ve already done that with our legacy QNX project wizards and should be able to push down some code to get it done.

Love to hear your feed back on this workflow.

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