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[cdt-dev] Help building debug app product

Hey gang,

I’m getting this error in my verify job for a recent change:

16:38:37  [INFO] --- tycho-p2-director-plugin:0.25.0:materialize-products (materialize-products) @ org.eclipse.cdt.debug.application.product ---
16:38:37  [INFO] Installing product org.eclipse.cdt.debug.application.product for environment linux/gtk/x86 to /jobs/genie.cdt/cdt-verify/workspace_2/debug/org.eclipse.cdt.debug.application.product/target/products/org.eclipse.cdt.debug.application.product/linux/gtk/x86/cdt-stand-alone-debugger
16:38:37  Installing org.eclipse.cdt.debug.application.product
16:38:37  Installation failed.
16:38:37  Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not be found.
16:38:37   Software being installed: Stand-alone C/C++ GDB Debugger (org.eclipse.cdt.debug.application.product
16:38:38   Missing requirement: C/C++ Development Tools UI (org.eclipse.cdt.ui requires 'bundle 1.1.0' but it could not be found
16:38:38   Cannot satisfy dependency:
16:38:38    From: Stand-alone C/C++ GDB Debugger (org.eclipse.cdt.debug.application.product
16:38:38    To: org.eclipse.cdt.ui []
16:38:38  Application failed, log file location: /jobs/genie.cdt/cdt-verify/workspace_2/workspace/.metadata/.log

Now cdt.ui built fine, it was able to find the templates.ui bundle. Why can’t the product find it?


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