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Re: [cdt-dev] Introduction

Hi Christian,

Maybe Doug will correct me but I think for CMake right now you can import a project and when you build it will call the Make generator and then call make. But there is a lot more to be done, like feeding the includes and macros to the indexer by parsing the json file that CMake can generate. It would be also nice to support more generators, etc.

Here are some bugs that discuss CMake support:

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Hello all,

my name is Christian Sell and I just newly subscribed to this list,
partly because I consider contributing some to the advancement of CDT.

I am mainly a Java programmer by background but have moved to C++
since 2 years. I initially used CLion (from Jetbrains) as my IDE but
am now forced to use Eclipse, which I don't mind because I have almost
a decade of using Eclipse's Rich Client Platform and programming
Eclipse plugins for various purposes on my back. That is apart from
using it as my Java IDE for as long as it exists.

My current main areas of interest with regard to CDT are CMake and Qt,
because I have a fairly large hobby project on my hands that is based
on these technlologies and could benefit from close IDE integration.
My ideal would be to be able to import the several dozen
interdependent CMake projects (OBJECT, SHARED, STATIC and EXECUTABLE
targets, macros, functions and custom commands) into eclipse and be
able to seamlessly continue development there (and be able to switch
back to CLion when desirable). Since the application is based on
QtQick, I'd appreciate full QML editor support as well. I don't care
for qmake or QtCreator projects.

My first impression of the CMake and Qt related stuff in CDT is not
very good, they both look like they are long ways from supporting my
scenario. This is why, as I said, I am considering to put some work
into getting them there. So, if anyone cared to tell me in what state
these components are, what the plans for the future are, and whether
and in what way I could help, I'd appreciate it.

Christian Sell

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