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Re: [cdt-dev] missing org.eclipse.cdt.debug.mi.core in Neon?

> On 31 May 2016, at 05:09, Marc Khouzam <marc.khouzam@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> the CDT 9.0/Neon RC3 build is now posted:
> zipfile:

I don't know why, but downloading from these urls is dead slow.


apart from the speed, the rest seems ok, I installed eclipse-4.6rc3, updated to cdt-9.0rc3, installed the GNU ARM Eclipse 3.1 beta, and ran a qemu debug session without problems.

so I confirm that Jonah patches got their way into the main distribution.


not related to the current issue, the log is very quiet, there was only one unexpected message:

!ENTRY org.eclipse.launchbar.core 2 0 2016-05-31 16:25:01.668
!MESSAGE Enablement expression is missing for config provider for org.eclipse.cdt.qt.core.launchDescriptorType



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