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[cdt-dev] projects using multiple toolchains

I know that it is not between RC3 and RC4 that these problems will be fixed, but I'm just curious if anyone else is concerned that multi-toolchains support is still weak.

This problem haunted me for years, and I saw little improvements.

Right now I'm building the CMSIS++ tests with multiple toolchains (clang/gcc, 32/64-bits, gcc5/gcc6, intel/arm, osx/linux, etc) and managing these multi-configurations projects is a nightmare.

For example I asked a friend to run the same tests on a different platform, and the first time he tried to open one of my multi-configuration projects he got no errors at all, but a totally empty project.

The culprit was the missing LLVM plug-in; without it none of the other existing configurations were visible.

Later on he tried to switch the toolchain from OS X GCC to Linux GCC, and the result was a totally broken project, the changed configuration was compromised, it was not possible to repair it.

And the list may probably grow. 

Anyone else affected by these problems?



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