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Re: [cdt-dev] CDT call minutes

On Tue, Apr 5, 2016 at 12:32 PM, Marc Khouzam <marc.khouzam@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

here are the minutes of the CDT call held today. Thank you to all 12 attendees.

- CDT Summit plans for EclipseCon Europe (around Oct 25) and for one in Ottawa (in Sept)
- 4 weeks left until feature-freeze and API-freeze
- 4 more features mentioned for CDT 9.0
- CDT release plan approved until June 2017 (Oxygen release)
- Debate about continuous maintenance releases.  Discussion to continue at the next call.

Full minutes for your perusal:

  • CDT Summits
    • CDT Summit at QNX in Ottawa
      • Probably in September. Wiki page will be created.
    • CDT Summit at EclipseCon Europe (Oct 25-27, 2016)
      • Tracy working with Vincent to schedule this
      • Wiki page to gather names of interested parties will be created
  • What's left for M7 feature-freeze May, 2nd, 2016?
    • Alvaro has a feature under review to show variables and registers in the Memory view
      • For example, users could be able to easily see the content of the stack
    • Doug continues progress on Qt support.
      • Some aspects will spill-over to CDT 9.1 in September
    • C/C++ Remote launch using org.eclipse.remote
      • Doug to review the change in a week or two (Marc may also have a look if time allows)
      • This change can allow to add support for setting the environment on the remote target
      • o.e.remote does allow to fetch and set the remote environment
    • Add "Stop on startup" option to "Debug New Executable" dialog
      • Mikhail hopes to post a patch soon
  • Breakpoint improvement patch
    • Requirements must be clarified before moving forward. Marc will schedule a hangout for in two weeks.
    • Mikhail will try to recover the prototyped patch.
  • Discussion on CDT Release plan proposal for the upcoming year:
    • Agreement on simultaneous release schedule:
      • June 2016 - Neon - CDT 9.0
      • September 2016 - Neon.1 - CDT 9.1 (from the master branch)
      • December 2016 - Neon.2 - CDT 9.2 (from the master branch which then becomes open for Oxygen development)
      • March 2017 - Neon.3 - CDT 9.2.1 (from the cdt_9_2 maintenance branch)
      • June 2017 - Oxygen - CDT 9.3 (from the master branch)
    • Concerns about "automatic and continuous maintenance release"
      • Strong hesitation about making builds available that won't be kept available in the future.
      • Some ideas:
        1. Don't enable such a maintenance update site by default. This will allow those that want it to make a conscious choice. Problem is that most users won't even know they can choose to get latest bug fixes like that.
        2. Don't provide "automatic" releases but instead provide "manual" ones on demand. There will be less such releases and we will be able to keep them. Problem is that this requires someone requesting such a release, even though we know something has been fixed and could go to users.
        3. Do the "automatic" releases but retain them all. Could be too many builds.
        4. Do the "automatic" releases but at a lesser frequency, maybe once a month + "manual" releases upon request.
It seems that an automatic release every two weeks if there were any changes since the last one would be a good compromise. 

      • This discussion will continue at the next CDT call
  • John Dallaway is tackling bug about deleting "source folder"
    • Issue is complex and led to a deeper problem documented in
    • Recommendation is to focus on problem at hand (deleting source folder) and workaround the issue. It would probably not be worth investing if fixing the root of the problem unless really necessary, as it could cause many other problems.

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