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[cdt-dev] How to know a build is successful

As part of my plugin I would like to launch post build commands when the build is successful. It is kind of pressing debug and you only want to start the debugger if the build is successful.
So I launch, monitor);

According to the doc; when the build fails it throws an exception
CoreException - if the build fails. The status contained in the exception may be a genericBUILD_FAILED code, but it could also be any other status code; it might also be a multi-status.

However CDT managed build does not throw a exception in case of build failure (in my plugin?). I have been looking for alternatives and through the documentation to know the "last managed build status" (like needsRebuild() and isDirty() ) but I fail to find a solid way to know whether the last build I just launched was successful or not.

So my question is: How do I know the last CDT managed build was successful? Am I looking at a bug in my plugin here?

Any pointer would be appreciated.

Best regards

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