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Re: [cdt-dev] New "project"

On Mon, Feb 22, 2016 at 10:48 AM, Marc-André Laperle <marc-andre.laperle@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I don't have very specific questions for now but I'm wondering if by "replacing the existing" you mean that users will not be able to create managed projects anymore?

No, this is independent of my work on the new build system. All it really does is present a list of templates the the user in a template selection page, based on the selected template, the getNextPage() for the template selection page is the first page in the template's wizard. The performFinish() on the template's wizard can do whatever it needs to create the project. That would include creating managed projects for templates requiring that. We'd probably have a common page for selecting toolchains and such. And we could probably engage the existing template system to generate files and things.

There's also a generator framework that uses Freemarker to generate files and some hooks for other things. That's independent of this UI piece. But I use that instead of our existing template system. It's much simpler but gets the job done.


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Hey gang, in case you're poking around and see some new things, I've started working on a common templating framework that will initially be used in the New Qt Project wizard but I hope to expand well beyond that. For example, my work on the new Andmore2 (Android tools) will use it as well. We'll discuss this at EclipseCon but I would also like to use it to replace our existing CDT new project wizard in it's entirety (and then not need a New Qt Project Wizard).

At any rate, the goal is to move this and the LaunchBar to a new IDE Commons project but that won't happen until after Neon.

Let me know if you have questions.

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