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Re: [cdt-dev] Antwort: CMake support in Eclipse CDT


On Monday, September 21, 2015 14:08:21 Doug Schaefer wrote:
> We will be adding CMake to CDT proper using the new build framework in
> Neon/CDT 9.0. CMake is a critical build system and support for it needs to
> ship with CDT to reach the most people. We¹d love your contributions but
> we do need to wait a couple of weeks or so to get the framework more
> understood and stable

that's cool.

Is there somewhere more documentation what's planned ?

I wrote the Eclipse-CDT-generator in CMake, and the one thing which really 
causes a lot of issues is the following:
CMake strongly recommends to use out-of-source builds.
This implies that cmake should never generate any files in the source 
So the CDT .project and .cproject files will be generated in the build 
Now Eclipse does not like that, since it assumes that the .project file is 
always at the root of the project, including all source files.
Since this is not the case in such a setting, various things don't work: the 
VCS-plugin is not active (since the builddir is not in svn or git), when 
adding the source tree as additional project, files are found twice (since the 
source dir is also included as linked resources in the build.dir project), 

In my simplistic view all these issues would be fixed if the .project file 
could contain a tag like <project_root>...path to the source 
dir</project_root>, and then use this instead of the directory of the .project 
file as the project root dir.

Do you have an opinion on that ?


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