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[cdt-dev] Antwort: CMake support in Eclipse CDT

Hi Toni,

I'm working on CMake support for CDT, too. A little bit misleading, the 
bug 350206 was originally only about scanner config but was extended to 
cmake support in general, which also includes the build.

You can find the plugin itself here:

It is already usable with some limitations. I use it for my pet project 
and collect missing things as issues on github. Feel free to try it out 
and if you like, you can contribute to it instead of starting a new 

best regards

Von:    Suter Toni <toni.suter@xxxxxx>
An:     "cdt-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx" <cdt-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Datum:  2015-09-21 09:42
Betreff:        [cdt-dev] CMake support in Eclipse CDT
Gesendet von:   cdt-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx

Hi everyone, 

This email is in reference to the Build Model Enhancements discussion
in Bug 321443 (

Is the goal of this discussion to actually implement all of the builders 
the other build systems (CMake, qmake, etc) or are you just improving the 
build infrastructure in general in order to make such builders possible in 
the future?

I am asking this because I just started with my Master term project at the 
of Applied Sciences in Rapperswil and the goal of the project is to write 
a plug-in that 
adds support for CMake to Eclipse CDT. It would be somewhat similar to the 
plug-in ( but for CMake instead of SCons. 
Therefore, it would allow
the import of existing CMake-based projects into Eclipse CDT as well as 
the creation of a new 
CMake-Project, etc.

Anyway, after reading this discussion I am wondering if it makes sense for 
me to continue with this 
project or whether there is too much overlap. Or maybe, there is an 
opportunity for us to collaborate?

Thanks and best regards,
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