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[cdt-dev] Design review for new Build system

Hey gang,

At the CDT summit, we didn’t get a chance to review the work I’ve been doing on a simpler build system that can be used instead of our managed build based system. I want to do this with the whole community anyway.

I have a few more things to finish my first thoughts and get it working for Qt’s qmake and update the Arduino build system where it started. Hopefully that should be done by the end of next week. We should have a design review shortly after that so we can decide whether it’s a worthy approach and what next steps would be.

I want to make this pretty interactive so was thinking about using a Google Hangout. I need to know though how many people would be interested and what times they’d be available. Please send me a private e-mail and I’ll create a list. If it gets too large we may want to think of other systems we could use. So if you have ideas on that, I’d love to hear them too.


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