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[cdt-dev] Handling Apple Frameworks and other Neon work

Just wanted to pass on kudos to whoever put in the handling for Apple Framework header files in IScannerInfo. From the git annotations, it looks like Markus had a lot to do with it. It’s pretty slick.

As I mentioned at the CDT Summit on Monday, pretty much all of my CDT work time will be spent on making Qt a first class citizen in CDT. I have my good intern Matthew to help me. It will also drive my work in the new, much simpler, build system. My hope is that it will be very easy to support building for all platforms Qt runs on (which of course, includes QNX). I’m doing some early investigation on what it would take to make this work for Mac and iOS platforms too. It’ll be interesting to see where this leads but may open the door to some other things we’ve thought of for those platforms.

BTW, my CDT hobby time will also be in this vein supporting Qt on the Raspberry Pi I have at home, including a cross toolchain that you would need for that.

And of course all this relies on the workflows introduced by the LaunchBar which has a few things to clean up. I’ve started to think about what it would take to contribute it to the Platform Debug, which may require a few changes to make it more general/flexible.

Going to be a busy year, so hope you don’t mind if I’m slow at doing other things (like that would be new :) ).

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