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[cdt-dev] CDT Inactive Code Processing.


I have been working on the CDT component and currently I am facing below issue,
Basically I need to parse and read the inactive code in source files( c and h) and for that I pass the parameter  translationUnit.getAST(index, ITranslationUnit.AST_PARSE_INACTIVE_CODE); while creating AST. So while reading back I do not get the function definitions from inactive switches.However I can read preprocessor instructions from the inactive code switch.
I read in the news group that its common problem with the CDT. Could you please let me know that when can it be resolved or planing to solve.

Code Example -

#if (xy== 0)

#defines here..
//Function definition here
void abc(void){


Thanks in Advance!

Thanks and Regards
Chandrashekhar G


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