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[cdt-dev] State of new build - Qt and Arduino

Hang gang, just an update on my efforts on build. I’ve made some really good progess with the Arduino build system. I have builds working, including using IBuildConfiguration (though only one configuration at the moment). Scanner info works off the config so I have content assist and search working nicely. There are a few other things that need to be figured out that I have listed on my wiki page. I’m updating it regularly as I learn things. Again, it is here:

I’ve got a lot of confidence in it and we can do it without changing anything in the current cdt.core and managed builder plug-ins.

That leads me to my next step, Qt. I’m going to spend my next amount of allocated CDT work time (Arduino continues on my CDT home time) on doing the same with Qt projects. I’m excited to see how this turns out.

The big hick-up is that none of this will be ready for 8.8 so it’s all for 9.0. I’ll have to figure out how to deliver it since we haven’t branched yet. I’ll start the Qt work on a topic branch and merge it back to master once we do branch.

The Arduino stuff, well, I’ll probably just remove it from the p2 repos. It doesn’t really work yet and didn’t really work in Mars. And I’ve totally changed the public classes and interfaces so it needs to reboot.


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